jacobson methodology

The values of COMMUNICATION CENTER INTERNATIONAL are translated into a flexible method which is applied with rigor and guarantees the effectiveness of the training for all participants. The Jacobson Training Method© embodies Communication Center International’s approach to consultancy, training and intervention.

The Jacobson Training Method© is an interactive teaching technique geared to the acquisition of effective and motivated behaviour. The method is based on :

  • techniques for being convincing and persuasive
  • developing maturity as part of the learning process
  • the search for high-performance, motivating behaviour
  • systematic guidance towards noticeable change
  • an active teaching technique using audiovisual and IT-tools.



The Jacobson Training Method© is exclusive to COMMUNICATION CENTER INTERNATIONAL. As our company’s know-how, it is geared to ensuring a process of personal development and continuous learning in all participants. During seminars, each participant is actively trained to optimize their efficiency through the acquisition and transmission of expertise and, simultaneously, to modify their behaviour. The change in attitudes and behavior constitutes the added value Communication Center International provides.

The Jacobson Training Method© is specifically :

  • 80% practical work
  • an implementing contract
  • objectives to be achieved
  • role-playing exercises relevant to participants’ immediate environment
  • discussions
  • encouraging comments
  • interaction
  • training
  • progress rate carefully monitored and gauged through a personal assessment sheet
  • individual assessment during the training
  • at the end of the course and during the follow-up phase, a concrete action plan and follow up by management.